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Video: Laser facility achieves breakthrough via fusion


The National Ignition Facility was built to refine our understanding of nuclear weapons, but it also has the potential to revolutionize power production. This government lab can simulate the center of a nuclear explosion and the power of the sun. In February, it achieved a breakthrough by getting more energy out of a piece of fuel than it put in. Jacob Ward reports from Livermore, Calif.


This cool, but like everything else in the history of controlled fusion, it’s incremental.


The “Hello Girls”

"American telephone girls on arrival for "hello" duty in France. They all can speak both English and French., 03/1918"

During World War I, over 400 women were enrolled in the U.S. Army Signal Corps to operate telephone* switchboards in France.  Despite the sometimes hazardous conditions of their service, they were denied veterans status after the war ended.  It would take 60 years until a bill was signed by President Carter granting them veterans status in 1978.

Read more about the “Hello Girls” at the Signal Corps “Regimental” History Site - The Hello Girls

* Today is also the anniversary of Alexander Graham Bell’s patent for “Improvements in Telegraphy”, aka the telephone.


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